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1965 Chevy II Nova
6 cyl, PG, 10-bolt

pullin alla that outta there...

LS-3 is in the shop gettin machine work done.
Found a good 4L80 core I'm rebuildin.
Ford 8.8 with 31 spline axles sittin in my humble little home shop.

Haven't figured out resolution to the conflict between budget vs performance goals regarding the front clip solution, and how much I'm gonna carve up and reconfigure the rear suspension.

I've got a million things I gotta figure out. But the above are the core pieces I've gathered that are fitting into my budget - which is low and gettin lower due to work issues.

But I've been patient and have been able to nail down the parts & pieces I've needed/wanted for the price I could afford. So I have no doubt it'll continue to come further into focus.

One of the things I'd like to figure out is how to get a tilt wheel in the thing via junkyard sourcing of parts. The "IDIDIT" or "Flaming River" route seems to work for some folks. And I've heard that late 70's Trans Am column worked for one guy. But I can't find that info...

Any thoughts, or references to articles or threads???

Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your ideas and insights!!

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