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Thumping sound....

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Hello All,

I thought i had my 73 Nova just about ready to be drive able but she keeps telling me i am wrong. :no:

I took her to get some mufflers installed and on the way there (not as pronounced) and on the way back she started having a thumping sound like some thing beating on the underside of the chassy. This was accompanied by a shimmy/vibration that felt like it emanated from the rear of the vehicle. It happened around 35-40 mph and the vibration/thumping was significant enough for me to pull the car over 3 times on the way home from the muffler shop to see if i could find anything that looked suspect.

Just hoping someone has seen this before. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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sounds like a u joint.

it could be other things, but a u joint is all i can think of about a shimmy at over 30.

i dont know if a bad diff would cause that, or if unbalanced wheels would do that much of a vibration.

but i did have a wheel snap off the studs and leave me tri and dry once, that felt similar as well.

hope you get it figured out, vibrations are scary as hell
I will have a buddy of mine take a look at the ujoints this weekend, thanks for the idea. Another friend of mine said it coulc be the breaks if it had a rear shoe rubbing. I am going to take a look at that one tomorrow. I dont think it would be a tire, just had new ones put on and balanced. Thanks for the idea about the ujoints though. :yes:

please dont forget to let us know what you find the cause to be, would be some good information
Well i had the rear of the car in the air and i dont think its the driver side brake anymore. that one worked fine i did find that the passenger side rear does not function, however i dont think this is the problem. i was going to check the drive shaft joints and more when the sky opened up so hopefully i can get to it tomorrow after work and i will update you.
I lost a bearing cap off of my ujoint on an old truck and it did the same thing. also it made my front tires shake too.
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