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I'm wondering which set-up would be the best for a street strip car. I have a Keith Dorton Holley 4150HP. I was messing around witht he idea of using my billet base plate off my demon when I rebuild this carb, but noticed they open teh secondarys in different ways. The Demon throttle plate opens the primarys about half way, then starts to open the secondarys. The secondarys continue to open untill full throttle is reached. Now the Dorton throttle plate is different. It opens the primarys half way, then just bumps the secondarys open a very small amount. Now the primary's continue to open by them selves untill about 3/4 throttle, then the secondarys open very fast from 3/4 to 100% open. I imagine this is done so you can apply power thru the turns (on a circle track) without over powering the tires, then slam it open for the straight aways. Would this also be a more ideal set up for a street car as well, or should I go with the standard opening of the Demon plate?
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