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This total rookie needs your advice.

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I have a 62 Nova with 5 lug axels, discs in front, and 14in rally wheels. I just recently picked up a set of 5 lug 14x8 Indy Mags at a garage sale, and need advice on how to make them fit.

They bolt up just fine, but right now, there's no way to fit them with tires on the car without there being serious rubbing in the back. I have no experience with this kinda stuff, and would love some advice. Keep in mind that i'm on a low budget, being 19.

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Most likely won't fit. The back spacing is most likely wrong for your car. A pic with the rim on the car with a straight edge against the outer edge of the rim to the wheel well lip would help.
I'll have to take a picture tomorrow morning. And according to the guy who sold them to me, they came off of a 73 Camaro.

I'll be really bummed if they don't fit, but they only cost me $40 bucks, so I guess i'll live.
I'd clean them up and try to get $75 lol.. I have some early 80's camaro wheels on my vert as just shop wheels, with 245's on them they rub all the way when i sat the car down but had just enough room to roll around in the garage.. but i'd never drive with them on it..

Here are a couple of links that will point you in the right direction.. believe you'll need 4-4.5 bs with a 15x8 on the back end..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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