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In 1990, I bought my first car in high school, which was a 1968 Nova. It cost $1,000, it had a 350, turbo 350 trans with rusted out rear quarter panels and big block front springs. The carb caught on fire occasionally, and I got pulled over twice the first day I had my license. I would buy bolt on add ons that would claim “adds 20 horsepower”, so in my ignorance I would add these number to the stock horsepower. At the time, I must have thought it had 800 horses, when it fact I was lucky to have 300.

Fast forward to 28 years later and I now have a 1970 Nova that I bought sight unseen from Oklahoma and shipped to New York. I was told it had a 350, but when I got it, the stamp on the block told me it was a 307. The previous owner didn’t know anything about it, so I tracked down the person who built the motor. He gave it a 4 inch bore, 350 crank, mild cam and a few other accessories. Since it is bored out to the max, I plan to enjoy it until I detonate the thing then put in a crate motor. None of that really matters, because I just enjoy working on it (51 percent of the time) and driving it.

I have already made a handful of posts and had some very helpful responses. I really appreciate it since I consider my self handy, but am a novice when it comes to the ins and outs of the Nova.

Again, thank you for the assistance here.

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