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The "Thrilla in Marilla" Weekend - July 28 & 29 Marilla, NY

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Huge 2 day car show, swap meet, bike run, live music and a hell-of-a lot more! Celebrity guests include NASCAR's Bobby Allison, former "Muscle Car" host Lou Santiago, Diane Sox (wife of Ronny Sox) and much more.

Here is a link as well as video from the 2011 show:

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Spent time with Diane Sox (Ronny's wife) and Lou Santiago today. I've been with Diane before but never met Lou until today. Lou's a great guy! He was telling me what happen to some of the cars he built when he was on "Muscle Car". The Mustang track car never got finished and was parted out. The '67 Pontiac LeMans (one of my favorites) got sold on Evil Bay. And the one car that SNS members will remember best, "'ol Blue Hair" was also sold on Evil Bay.

Today was basically a B.S. day and tomorrow is the big show day. I'll see if I can get more tidbits from Lou but he may be rather busy with the crowd.
Awesome show!

Novas... Novas... Novas!!! They were everywhere!

They had probably over 1200 cars plus 300-400 bikes.

Saw Frank (Fast65) there with some of his frends from Rochester, NY. One of them brought up a stunning custom 1st gen, Black with a Red Pearl and Red Pearl ghost flames. :drool:

Every year they do a memorial to people we've lost in the automotive community. This year I was part of the memorial service with a "cacklefest" style showing of revving engines and a moment of silence after shutting the engines down. I was next to a Sox & Martin car.

Shot the breeze quite a bit with Diane Sox, Bobby Allison (man he looks great for his age) and Lou Santiago. This was easy to do because they gave me prefered parking directly across from their booth. I found out that Lou lives about 20 minutes from my buddy in Charlotte, NC. It turns out we have a lot in common and he invited over to his house the next time I'm out there. One of the things we have in common is my favorite burger joint in Charlotte, Pinky's. :drool:

Lou had kind of a family reunion at the show. It turns out that there are a couple of his old Marines buddies that live in the area and a couple more met him from out of state. It was Semper Fi in the heart of town and under my tent! :usmc:
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Yea Greg, it was a hella show....unbelievable amount of spectators jammed the streets of that little town. Good to see ya again and man you really did have preferred parking - right at the four corners of town....your car looked and sounded great - as usual...

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