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The thrash has begun....

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Uncle Sam sent me my refund last week. This week I made a list of what I wanted to do and got some parts ordered. :D

1. Fiberglass bumpers
2. Upgrade to Caltracs and rancho shocks (moved inboard) in the rear
3. Upgrade to a fuel cell and 1/2" fuel line
4. Upgrade from a 125hp NOS powershot to Edelbrock performer RPM adjustable kit (up to 250hp :devil: )
5. Adding a nitrous purge
6. Moroso trick springs up front
7. Aluminum body bushings for front subframe

That's for starters. Looking for some better 60fts with a better chassis and mostly added security with the bigger fuel system. I've been getting away with my stock 5/16 line and 3/8 rubber hose for too long. The nitrous...well it's adjustable. I wanna see what will stick on my 9" tires :D. What's a good site to host pictures?
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Hey Spruce!! Sorry about the luck on the fitting, I'm sure you'll get it going!! Are you going to be there both Friday and Saturday on the first weekend? Looking forward to you run with the new mods!!

I didn't do too much this year. Went from 4.56s to 4.88s, gun drilled the axles and put in an aluminum spool, and put in an electric water pump. Did manage to save almost 20 lbs in rotating mass with the spool and axle mods.
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