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Thanks you guys, I'm gonna try to post some photos. I'm in, basically, the Bronx. I've had her almost 15 years. She's my daily ride. I try to keep her maintained as I go. I think she has 280k miles. When I bought her in VA, the guy swore it was 60k not 160. But the brake pedal was almost worn to the metal. I just finally put a new one on. It's kinda long story how I got into all this, but in the end it makes sense.

The first car I had, I was 19. I was a wild thing. I woke up one morning and turned to my boyfriend and told him that I was gonna take the money that my aunt gave my parents for my college and go buy a car. They had put the money in a cd in trust for me and it had just came due and they were no longer trustees since I was over 18. It wasn't a lot, just enough to go to Missouri, buy a 75 nova hatchback (now I think it was a "spirit of america" that someone painted silver), run into his dad that he hadn't seen in 10 years, who convinced us to stay long enough that he would paint my car candy apple red. Oh how I loved that car. You better believe that I was stylin my sophmore year. Anyway, a few years later, a guy ran a red light and hit my car, and that was the end of the "zep mobile" and the end of an era.

Fast forward a few years, I was still pining over that car. Strange behavior for a girl, I know. But not if you knew my dad, who on any given day one could see his legs sticking out from under his newest hunk o junk in the driveway. From the time I was able to hold a wrench, I was his little helper out there. Anyway, he always kept me supplied with these hunks o junk that I would drive into the ground. We never bought anything new. Just pure transportation. One day, though, I decided it was time. I went down to VA with my new boyfriend and bought "jane". his mother said it was the only time anybody jumped for joy in their house...I've had her ever scince.
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