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Doing a Yenko Deuce Nova tribute car. Will be a automatic. So, originally the car came from GM with a column shift and was converted to floor shift, either by Yenko Chev (early) or Hurst (later). In either case they just knocked out the pin for the column shift. Also left the shift indicator in the dash. So it'd be neat to put the indicator in the dash (the dash we have is a floor shift dash, but the indicator can be added to a floor shift dash, as I understand it).
For a TH400 the indicator should read PRND2L, and on a 70 the letters/numbers should have that greenish look, not white.
I wouldn't really need the indicator needle or springs, just the metal plate itself, we have a second instrument cluster that was from a later column shift car. Would gladly take the whole assembly or even the whole instrument cluster

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