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th350 troubles

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First off I'll say I googled this for hours but no one has the same problem. This is my setup th350 in 64 nova, tranny is by ******* racing they say it's good upp to 850hp, has hard drum sprag ect, manual valve body, trans brake. This was how my night went at the street legal drags first run 11.46 et on motor, next run 10.58 on nitrous. Both runs went perfect, but my next run I got on the transbrake and when it released the tranny seamed to just slide, got back to the pits and smelt the fluid, it smelt fine. I decided to drive it home and thats when I realized I only have drive(3rd gear) as my forward gear. I can put the car in first and drive on the freeway like I'm in drive, it labours from a stop but once I'm up to speed it pulls hard with no slipping. Reverse, park and nuetral work great, but no matter what forward gear I shift into its still in drive (I have manual valve body) shifting up or down makes no difference. My burnout proceed is as follows line lock on and 3 secounds of burnout at 5000 rpm in secound (starting burnout in secound, manual valvebody)then release line lock, keeping on gas untill it hooks. The burnout on the run that went bad seemed fine but wondering if something broke when it hooked. The tranny makes no noise and drove home just fine except I was in drive all the which is 99% freeway driving. Any help would be appreciated as my tranny knowledge is vey limited.
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anybody ever have this problem?
so I have pulled the tranny now looked in where the converter seats into the pump, the tangs are broken off the pump gear! I have driven the car for 2 years with this tranny, this th350 has 500 hundred miles and 10 passes at the track (10.5 sec - 11.5 sec). I thought if the pump wasn't being driven that the car would not move? most pump tangs are broken during install, but I couldn't have broken them during install and driven for 2 years or could I have? Before I pulled the tranny it only had reverse and drive but no low or secound. A couple of people have suggested that I broke the intermediate sprag as this tranny problem happened after my burnout. I have looked at sprag and it looks fine to me. I'll post a picture (this is a 36 element sprag if I'm correct). Tryed post a picture but for some reason it says "You may not post attachments". I have a spare th350, can I just take the center gear in the pump with the tangs and throw it my pump or should swap the whole pump, are gears a matched set? picture is here
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