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I got problem with my temp gauge, it always stay low never go high when the car got hot. It is a one wire with a sending unit in my intake manifold. When i remove the sending wire on the sending unit , the gage still read low but i head it is supposed to read full ?? I try to ground my sending unit directly on the block and the neddle goes more lower ? Should i try to ground the base of the sending unit with alligator clip and try to give some heat to see if it work ? Or the gauge is no good ? Thank you
With key on put a test light to ground on battery and dis connect and probe the terminal on the wire for the sender. Gauge should slowly rise to hot. If it does the sender is bad or it has no thermostat or it's stuck open. If gauge doesn't rise it's a gauge or printed circuit problem. Ernie.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts