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Target master oil pick up modifications

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Hey does anyone have a guide (pictures would be preferred) of how to modify the GM targetmaster 350's oil pick up tube for the 1st gen front slope oil pan.
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Here's mine, a Goodwrench 350. You'll need a new oil pump, shaft and pick up. It's critical to attach it (to the main bearing) and weld the tube to the pump.

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Surf do you just chopped the end of the pick up tube and welded it to the pump?
And did your oil filter adapter need a washer? The one I baught didn't have a washer...
It's been a while since I did this. The pick up tube, pump, and shaft were purchased together. I did not have to cut the tube. The tube fastener on the main bolt has a nylock nut. I had to trim and bend the tube tab a bit to align with the main bolt fastening point.
Well I guess I did it wrong the engine sounds like it has a knock and I am being told the pick up tube getting hit. Does anyone have some expirence with this and can come over and help me out? Fresh abalone dinner in return.
There is a good chance the connecting rod nut is hitting the oil pump. I wish I had been this sooner so I could have warned you. Been there and done that.
well, it is 2014 and now i am attempting to put a 69 V8 350 into a 63 Nova.
i bought the kit. I have read the articles. I have read the forums.
I have reached the point of installing the oil pick up tube. and BAM!!
it can't be done. They sell a kit that needs customizing. Cutting, and or welding of the bracket. I have a 4 bolt main. So now I research all the forums about this problem. And there are a couple different ways to fix it. Of course I can't find one that is explained well enough for me to attempt it with the tools in my garage.

I like the way this looks. Did you cut the bracket close to the tube and then just weld on the very end of the bracket with the hole horizontally without any vertical?
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