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T5 in a 64

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I recently got a camaro t5 for my 64. Its got the original straight 6, and I have a 250 that might go in at a later date. I want to do a hydraulic clutch setup, and I'm looking for others that have done the same. Preferably with an internal slave/throwout bearing. Searching didn't really bring anything up. Thanks.

Also, at a much later date when money's not so scarce, I've toyed with the idea of one of the never Vortec I6's with the matching 5 speed. Anybody done one?
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OOOOHHH! Me likey the Trailblazer I6 motor! 270 HP factory! Nope, I haven't seen one in a hot rod, and I'm not sure they ever put a manual trans behind one, so it might be tough to find a flywheel, but I just don't really know. Definitely keep us posted on that one!!!

Have you tried a Camaro slave cylinder and bell to see if it will fit in the car?
Another vote for the Trailblazer motor.They can be had cheap,the factory exhaust manifold is very stylish but there wasn't a stick version. Don't know if it has the usual bell housing bolt pattern, I'd wager it's like an LS, maybe the LS clutch parts would swap. The T5 and a six could be a fun combo.
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