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swapping to multi leaf from mono

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SHOULD I go ahead and swap my spring perches as well or just make sure the u-bolts are long enough? I left the mono perches in with multis in the last car but thought Id ask for this one. Also, Ive searched for 7/16's by 3 inch wide u-bolts but cant seem to find any. I can find the right dia. but then they arent wide enough or they are wide enough but Id have to drill out the perch holes.
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Have you tried NAPA

I was also thinking of changing the perches because of the gap. However Napa does have the 7/16" x 3"x 7.5" u-bolts. They are long enough if you don't want to drill the perches. Part number is 650-4075. Just bought two more on Tuesday for the other side. . As for the steel strap strap where can you buy this? I used the poly pads. Oh yeah chevy2only also has the u-bolts. Part #27017.(7/16 DIA X 3 1/4 WIDE X 7 1/2 LONG THREADS ARE 3"). Hope this helps
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