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swapping to multi leaf from mono

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SHOULD I go ahead and swap my spring perches as well or just make sure the u-bolts are long enough? I left the mono perches in with multis in the last car but thought Id ask for this one. Also, Ive searched for 7/16's by 3 inch wide u-bolts but cant seem to find any. I can find the right dia. but then they arent wide enough or they are wide enough but Id have to drill out the perch holes.
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Don't use the rubber cushions, the polyurethane ones suck as well. Instead, buy some steel strap the width of your springs and make some steel spacers if needed so your U bolts will tighten OK. Leave the monoleaf perches on-they'll work just fine. Use a carbide burr in a die grinder to open up the perch holes if drilling won't work for you. The factory style cushions cause too much axle wrap, and the poly versions crack under stress, solid steel works the best IMO.
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