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Hello everyone,
I am in the process of switching to a manual transmission.
Unfortunately, I will be relocating to Nevada where they 'Smog-
test' every year from '68 upwards. So far the only part I can't
find to complete the A.I.R. system is a good pump. I have a core to rebuild, but can't
find a vendor to do a refurbish.

Any suggestions ?

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A quick look at the Nevada DMV website shows they run a 2 speed test for hydrocarbons(idle and 2500 rpm) for vehicle older than 1996. It does not mention a visual inspection.
You could possibly lean out the carb for the test.

The other option is the register it under a classic rod type reg. It shows vehicles with those registrations as exempt. But that comes with a milage limit of 5,000 miles/year and I'm not sure how or if they track it. And 5,000 miles is actually quite a bit if you have another "daily driver"

Here's the page I was reading. Hope it helps.

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