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Summit radiator

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Any of you 3rd gen guys running a summit radiator? I just got a universal fit 27 3/8 x 19 and it will not mount with the the original top mount, it is too tall! How did you guys mount yours? Did you buy one of the radiator mount kits from summit? This was real close to the size of my original radiator but with the lips it has on top and bottom it is about 1/2" taller at the top. Any help is always appreciated!:yes:
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I have the Summit direct fit radiator. Very nicely built unit by Northern Radiator.

As far as fitment: even with trimming the upper mounts it didn't hold the radiator down quite right. Perhaps it is because I am re-using the 6 cylinder radiator hold-down? :confused: To get it to work, I just took the rubber mounts out and used two 1/8" thick strips of rubber instead. Works just fine that way.
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