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Summit Brand Paint

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I'm new to restoring cars, I want to to know if anyone has used Summit Brand single stage or Base coat, clear coat paints. I've already used their etching primer and build primer and am pleased with the results. I'm from CA so its road trip or order Low VOC.. :devil:Don
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I have. for a cheap paint it's not bad. my buddy told me it's a re-labeled Valspar or Sherman Williams brand. But all in all, I was happy with it.
Thanks I'll see what else is available:)
ive used it and very happy with it.......sour apple green metalic
The single stage paint is Kirker. The two stage paint is Sherwin Williams middle line.
Very old thread guys... Summit paint is OK for what it is, which is cheap auto paint with hardner... I'm currently prepping the trunklid of my Nova to respray...(2 years later) the paint/ and or primer shrunk up after sanding and buffing and now I see texture in it. I figured it would be better just to buzz it down, respray and buff than try to do a second sand/ buff on whats there. Good news is, the paint is so cheap, redos arent really a big deal.

Rest of the car is fine, but that decklid was bugging me...

If I had it to do again, I would have spent the money on a better grade single stage... I hear SPI offers black single stage now.

I used their (Summits) base/clear on another car and loved it.
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