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Street Wheelies

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Street Wheelies, what works?
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600 lbs of lead packed into the back bumper:D Works every time:yes:
Not to be mean but you ask what works I'd have to say not the front end after it slams to the ground. I admit fun to watch but not fun on the wallet.
They are heavily frowned upon by the "Man" and not a safe practice to be doing on the street, including drag racing...there's just too many things that can go wrong and none of them good. At the track you can practice all you want. They don't necessarily mean the car has a lot of power, it's more as to how the chassis is setup with weight distribution, transfer, shocks, etc.
Lotsa weight in the trunk...

Pull a wheelie in a street race..... Then bang any chick you want. It's the law of the land.:)
Trick front springs, loose and greased front bushings, 90/10 shocks, weight in the rear and plenty of motor.
VHT or
Slick or DR
A lot of HP
and suspension set up for max weight transfer and front end travel..
I'd say nothing good could come from doing it.
Grins ear to ear from everyone that not a PRUDE, including the cop writing the ticket!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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