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strange cowl tag

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i saw this on a FB nova page. 110 volt wire ?

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I've never seen a 2nd generation cowl tag like this. First, there doesn't appear to be a body build date. Second, the #2 Fisher body sequence
number is the lowest I've ever seen. Third, I've never seen a 2nd generation Willow Run tag where they used the actual RPO numbers for options -
A33 = Power tailgate, A39 = Custom seat belts, D33 = Remote mirror. The model number denotes a 100 Series V/8 wagon, but no guaranty it
really was a V/8, because all Fisher tags of this era were stamped as 8 cylinder. The VIN plate is impossible to read, except what appears to
3 ones at the beginning. The '110 volt wire' note is a complete mystery and again, I've never seen anything like this before.

Was there any more information or pictures on Facebook?

Fire Dept. vehicle with the 110 volt alternator.
My buddy had a red/ red 61 Chevy wagon back in the mid 70's with that alternator. It was a retired vehicle from the local Chesterfield, Mass. Fire Department.
Geez Steve, you just blew my childhood belief that all fire dept. vehicles were red :), at least in Canada. What kid could vision an Emerald Turquoise '67 Chevy II wagon
racing to a fire LOL.

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I was told by an old timer that it is likely a block heater
That's a good possibility, but I can't even find a block heater option on m U.S. '67 lists. I know there must be one, because those owners in the
northern border states weren't getting through a winter without one. Not surprisingly, clearly listed as RPO K05 on Canadian order forms and
most cars had them. Have never seen '110 volt wire' on a Canadian cowl tag, though.

Would the block heater have been a dealer installed option, not something Fisher had to deal with? I would assume dealer installed options wouldn't have been on the cowl tag????
Yes, I'm pretty sure a dealer would install a block heater. Wouldn't show on the cowl tag. Only factory options that required Fisher Body involvement appeared on the
cowl tag.

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