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Stock tire size on a '72?

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I picked up a non-running 1972 4 door that has sat for over 10 years. The tires are no good and although i can't drive it anyway i still want to look into tires. Right now it has 225/70/14 on what looks like a factory rim? What size should i run on the 14"s or should i go up to a 15"?
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right now, with limited money and basic tools, i want to make it a driver and work on it as i go. I think in the end i want it to look nice but maybe not stock. I'm a v8 guy but i am going to give this 6l a chance.Thanks for the info, i think i might stick with the size thats on that rim. I love those rims and would hate to lose them because i went to a 15.
See there, you've already answered your own question. A running ride's much more fun and more likely to see improvements .
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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