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I switched out the stock plugs during a tune up in June 2012 with AC Delco 41-110 Iridium plugs per the AC Delco book and Rock Auto lookup. Since the tune up, I've always felt the gas mileage has come down. I'm getting 14-15 MPG on the highway keeping it under 70 MPH, when I used to get around 17 MPG. I chalked it up to ethanol fuels.

I just read that AC Delco is no longer recommending this plug for 2000 - 2005 5.3L vortex engines. They are now recommending 41-962 Platinum plugs.

Does anyone have details on why they made the switch? I'm curious to know if the 41-962's are more efficient for this engine and if I should make the switch to the latest recommendation. The $50 cost will quickly be returned if I get 3 MPG back.

Is anyone else running the Delco 41-110 plugs in a 2000 to 2005 5.3L and noticing a drop in fuel mileage?

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