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Hi Team!

I have a pioneer deh-2700 and it is in my 73 Mustang, crappy installation. While driving to work yesterday it cut out and I think one of the wires came out or something, it still had power, but no sound. So when I got home I took it out and pulled a few more wires out of connections too. I tinkered with it for a while and didn't get anything. I have the wiring harness connector, so I think i'll start from scratch. Heres the wires...
Yellow-large-with a tag that says (+Batt)
Red-Tag that says (ACC)
Blue with white stripe
Green with black stripe
White with black stripe
Grey with black stripe
Purple with black stripe

Like said before, the deck is a newer pioneer deh-2700, and it had the wiring harness connection, and two ports for speakers, L and R. I wasn't using these speaker ports before, but last night when I was tinkering, i hooked these ports up and got sound, but it was very faint even with the vloume cranked.

Where do I connect the wires? And also, the deck smells burnt a little, like fried wiring near the harness connection, how do I determine if the deck is still good?

Thanks alot!

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A lot of times when I hear sound through the speakers but at a very low volume with the volume control all the way up normally the outputs are fried. What you are hearing is the pre-amp signal just like you would if you hooked up a speaker to the RCA outputs.
I would take a known good speaker and try hooking it up to the radio with it powered up to battery, ignition, and ground. If just this one speaker works then you can check the other outputs to verify they work. Just be careful no wires touch ground, power, or anything else. I'd hate to see it all installed only to find out it needs service.
The DEH-2700 is a basic CD player and chances are unless it's under warranty I would replace it HOWEVER you need to check things in the car to make sure all of that wiring and related items are correct to where it doesn't cause problems with the new one.
Some electronics have smells from them and this is just one thing you can do to sorta give an indication to whether it's good or bad. Just because it smells like burnt electronics it could be just from use and heat buildup inside the unit.
If all else fails take it somewhere to where they can bench check the radio for you.

The wiring for most radio's are adhering to a standard and those are:

(however when in doubt always check with the manufacturer)

Yellow-----------------Constant 12V
Red--------------------Accessory/Ignition 12V
Orange w/White stripe--Illumination

Gray-------------------Right Front Speaker +
Gray w/Black stripe-----Right Front Speaker -
White------------------Left Front Speaker +
White w/Black stripe----Left Front Speaker -
Violet------------------Right Rear Speaker +
Violet w/Black stripe----Right Rear Speaker-
Green------------------Left Rear Speaker +
Green w/Black stripe----Left Rear Speaker-


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I worked on it again today with no success. I double checked all of the wires and nothing. I put a voltage test on the speaker wires and I had no juice. The fuse on the deck is good.
-Do i have to have that blue w/white stripe wire connected to +?
-Could the unit be fried?

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