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Starting issue!!!

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So my 72 is not starting at all. It doesn't turn over but clicks like the starter went out. I have tested the starter and alternator. Picked up a new battery and replaced the external voltage regulator. The problem is still the same. I drive it all the time so it's not like it has been sitting. Any suggestions on things to check. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Ok, so I just went up and had the brand new battery checked and it was dead with a bad cell. They gave me a new one and I took the car to have a complete charging system check and everything checked out fine. So I think it may have been the voltage regulator that I replaced. We will see tomorrow after it sits all night.
Its your battery. Ever have a battery go dead on a new car, they will just click, click click click, change the battery and fire right up. But your voltage regulator may play a part it in also.
It's running great now. It was the battery, even though it was only a few weeks old.
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