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Speedometer install HELP!!!!

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Help i just bought a new benzel for my STOCK speedometer and now im trying to install the speeedometer and benzel in the car without scratching it. it is soooo tight and doesent seem to want to go in, do i need to drop the steering colom down to install it or do i have to install it in two pieces? Has any one replaced thiers before mine was out when i bought the car so this is my first time installing it. Sorry 67 nova ss
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Yes your gonna need to drop the colum. down by removing the plastic collar and loosening the fit to the dash under the speedometer,it's really no big deal and will make it lots easier to replace the assembly without scratching the dash
Thanks i will try it tomarrow, it cost me to much money to scratch it all up and if i do i will be soooooooo pisssed.
I did it, thanks that helped a lot.
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