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Well last week & yesterday my friend Ernie & I got my '63 wag's front end all apart. I've NEVER done this before & what an experience. This week we're going to replace all the bushings on the A-arms & lower arms,new Monroe sensa-trac shocks, upper & lower ball joints,stablizer struts,new perches with new 2" lowering springs (about a 1 1/2" shorter than the stock 6cyl springs:D) new bearings,brakes, & newer drums on the way.:yes: Everything is satin black w/ satin clear. My pass. side bearing went out & the front end was just plain tired, tires are phtttt !:rolleyes: Shoulda heard the friggin' noise ! :eek: :(

I'm hoping the shocks will work with the springs & stock spindles. I need stock rear shackles, may make them. I'll have to get a few more things later but this will help my car's drivability big time !:yes::yes:

Gonna rubberize the wheel well & keep the steel shock/spring covers & arms, etc.painted rustoleum satin black with satin clear. Ernie's giving me a pair of 195/55/15s for the front, my tires are for his datsun 510.

Ernie is originally from Compton ,Ca. & has had his share of lowriders, mini trucks,& datsun 510's. He currently has a '64 Nova wagon that we'll be baggin' later this year or next.I cannot what till we get my car aligned & low !

Happy motivatin', Ric
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