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A while back I was looking for some plastic plugs to fill in some holes in the firewall that were used for the A/C hoses, as well as the attachment holes for the firewall insulation pad.

I couldn't find anyone that had these things in stock in the sizes that I wanted. I did some digging and came up with two sources:

Both of these places will send you a few free sample pieces of whatever sizes and configurations you ask for. They have the button plugs, as well as a whole bunch of other similar products in all shapes and sizes.

I found that the 3/8" flush button plugs worked perfectly for the firewall insulation pad I'm all sealed up. The A/C holes I ended up covering by making a triangular aluminum plate. I just got a second assortment of plugs, and it looks like I can seal off the evaporator drain holes in the floor too.
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