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I'm not really sure when I last posted an update of my moredoor but here it goes.

Since they don't repop 4 door panels I had to patch this mess.

1 down, three to go.

Thank you for your sacrifice my 66 coupe friend :devil:

Then the welder broke.

Moved on to the rear suspension.

I found cracks in the old drums so I replaced them.

Sorry about the lousy cell phone image. I found a local Goodmark dealer that gave me a great price on a new hood and trunk plus he waved the shipping fee since he needed the same stuff for a 67 Nova he was restoring for a client.

You probably noticed the rusted out tailpanel on one of the above images.

The welder is still broken but at least I can take my time and mock everything up correctly.

I've made some mistakes along the way and I'm learning from them. You guys also prevented some mistakes I could of made by sharing your knowledge so I thank you :)
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