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I got this odd PM yesterday, don't know who he is but it might be legit.

Anyone care to assist that lives near Baltimore?????


Dear Sir:
I am emailing you in the attempt to find a possible member that may live in or near the Baltimore area. I recently purchased a 1965 Nova and took it to local shop to have a front end rebuild kit installed. Its been there 3 weeks and they cant get it right. they asked if I knew of anyone that owns one that they might be able to look at it to see whats wrong with mine. If you happen to know of anyone that own a 63-67 that lives close I could use the help as I am desperate.

Thank you,
Marc Farthing
Baltimore, MD

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I live in the area, but can't help him with the year. Seems a little wierd to me. If the shop can't fix it, take it to another shop.

Good luck to him!
Jim Smith
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