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John Force Cruise Night Car Show on Saturday May 30, 2009​

4 to 7PM ( Gen Public moves in at 3) I will be there at 2

Looking forward to seeing as many of you guys as possible. This year, I will be opening my house for those who want to stop by and hang out, Have some Pizza, Drink a few cold ones, get you arse kicked at Wi bowling, BS or whatever after the Cruise. Plenty of room for the cars....Just let me know. I know its might make for a long day, but would be fun to wind down and get a chance to chill with you guys.

As far as the event, Ill need some help.
* Directing Parking - 2 people
* Front Gate - Handout entrys, flyers, Etc - 2 people
* Security for the musuem. ( Melanie and my kids always help, but could use a few peeps in shifts so nobody is stuck inside for more than an hour.
* Judges - 2 people to decide on a Club Chioce winner.

If you have any questions, drop a note in this thread.


List as of today

1. JJyoung909
2. Hooksup2
3. Aron69nova
4. 65nova4door
5. Cap66
6. Firebird69racer
7. Teddisnoke
8. Kracon
9. Last Wagon
10. SoKal63
11. NOGO
12. the flyer
13. Dave_H
14. Slow4door/Class of 65
15. Soupac
16. 66SSTPI
17. FastEddie
18. no67va
19. 1qwikss
20. ChevyIIheavy
21. UndercoverSS
22. Not so PukeGreen71
23. NovaNutcase
24. Foosenovacaine
25. Chevyguyal
26. bowtie0069
27. JtNovanut
28. GrannyWagon
29. Nova Brian (& Nova Brian Mrs to Help in the Club Choice Award )
30. Gerry LP
31. Bladeys
32. 69eryminery
33. spnovadude
34. Undercoverss Pops
35. 66novass ( I think i got that right. )
36. Manny 1967 ( welcome to the site BTW )
37. Evans71
38. DDoyel ( sorry bout that mang!)
39. BoxNova
40. Gil
41. Tony and Gils friend in a Black 66 HT
42. TwoForever
43. Randi and her 73
44. Evils65

Great list so far but I know, we can get more!!!!

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So do we need to bring anything? Addresses of your location as well as JF Museum? What time should we arrive where? I see it's open 4-7pm, but what about your house or the event for us? I know that's a lot, but I just want to be prepared.

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I'll probably make it.
with your 'junk' or some other vehicle? I should have the race car back together by then (plan is to run the LA invasion the week before) and it'd be fun to cruise/drive that car for once. It'd also be cool to park next to other '69 novas. I'll see what I can arrange about getting the wagon out there too. I might need someone to drive it, so...
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