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Well so far this is the list I've put together so far of people attending/thinking about attending:

People I recognize as Steve's Members:

Myself..of course (Tucson)
Phillip (Marana)
Aaron (Tucson)
Quigleyman (Tucson)
427Nova (Sierra Vista) ??
Her Nova (Mesa) ??
Greasedmonkeychef (Phx) ??
Strtlgl (Tucson) ??
Auto Pat (Casa Grande) ??
Novanutcase (So. Cal) ??
Firebirdracer (So. Cal) ??
Cap66 (Ontario, Cal) ??

Other interested folks:

Richard W. (Phx)
Brad H. (Tucson)
Ed W. (Sierra Vista)
Lester (Peoria)
Sal M. (Phx)
Don (Mesa)
Richard S. (Tucson)
Ben C. (Tucson)
Jim F. (Sun City)
Weechie (Tucson)
Frank (Phx)
T.J. (Tucson)
Luke L. (Tucson)

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It will sure be a nice turn out if the bottom list of folks could make it.....:yes:
Most of them said they would make it, but I know how that goes :rolleyes:
I plan on making that list at least double between now and then, so I got some work to do. :D
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