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Sheetmetal and frame how to

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Does anyone have any good info on replacing floor pans, trunk pan and rear frame sections on a 67? The car has had all the pans replaced before but they're not right and I would like to redo them correctly but need to know what I'm getting into since it's my first time.
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what's wrong with them?

once that stuff is to be removed the whole car has to be braced to keep everything in alignment. without bracing it would collapse on itself.

again, what's wrong with what was done? is the car assembled? how do the panels fit? doors, fenders, hood etc. everything ok? are you referring to cosmetic wrongness or is there an actual structural issue that needs correcting?
The frame is structural. There are some rusted areas that concern me and need to be fixed. For all of the pans, they were apparently rusted pretty bad and they never cut the old out, they only dropped new ones in. Everything appears to be structural sound with them but they look terrible underneath. The car is all together right now. I have been waiting until we got moved to tear it apart and we just got settled in the new house a couple weeks ago. Body panels all look decent. It will obviously need some work and new paint but I don't see any issues at this point due to structural issues with the floors. My plan is to pull everything out of the inside and clean all of the pans up but I like to do my research and plan everything out before I actually start so I decided to look here and get some expert opinions.
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OK, gotcha... i understand now what your reasons are...

after completely stripping the interior and suspension etc a selection of 1/2" square tubing can be welded into the interior of the car in crossways forward/rearward/side to side fashion to hold the body as-is while the floor/trunk etc is removed. i'd suggest a Fisher body manual & a ChevyII assembly manual as both have a lot of info that will assist you regardless if you take this project on or not. they'll both pay for themselves with use while working on your car.

you can get them here and they're rather inexpensive:
Thanks. I went ahead and picked the fishers manual up and you're right, it has a ton of information.
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