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Second Annual Long Brach BBQ..Cruise from N. OC

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Hey heading to the BBQ from 1750 N. Lemon off the 91 Fwy... In the parking lot on the north west side of Lemon and Orangethorpe (in the shopping center) Meet up at ... +\- 9:30 on the 14th and cruise over together ... RK Smith and I will be there .. Anybody else want up meet up??
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Wow All I hear are crickets... What ?? Nobody from Anaheim / Fullerton / placentia/ Brea / Covina / chino / riverside ??????

:eek: do I smell???
Sorry you smell.:D


Sorry you smell.:D
Now you've gone and hurt my feelings :rofl: ... I'd expect it from the Mrs's but you David...a fellow coupe guy.... ???? Maybe I need to go to the dark side and join the post society....!!!

Oh well Guess I'll just have to go have some fun on my own ....
sucks wish i could make it take lots of pics guys
I am awake. YES I'll meet you guys. Come-on folks get off the couch. :devil:
Thank you, see ya there. "Baby Back Express" smokin.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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