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Seatbelts for early novas

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I have a 63 4 door sedan and want to install seatbelts at least in the front. What did everyone here use for parts? Does anyone have complete belts in good shape for sale? I have a bench seat. Classic industries wants 250 for front pair.. would like to save $$ if I can.


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I've got a similar belt from Wesco but with 3inch webbing, coming Monday.They were about $28.00 each with hardware.

How did folks go about mounting them? Do the brackets come with the belts?
Our car had belts already I assumed the holes are factory but I haven't taken it apart yet. The belts have metal tabs sewn in. If there are no factory threaded holes you're going to need thru bolts and fender washers.
Here's what I did for the rear:

Got the ones from Seatbeltplanet. Work pretty well. Wish I would have moved them a bit inboard on the package tray because they tend to slide to the outside edge. When I take the car apart again for paint, I'll replace the sheetmetal in that area of the tray and move them inboard.
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