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Seat belt help!?!?

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Hey guys, what are other options for rear seat belts, that will be safe enough for my kids and their car seats? I'm having trouble finding a good set, and am a little concerned about paying upwards of $100/set for 40+ year old belts. Any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
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I bought new belts from Seat Belt Planet.
What kind of car seat? Regular front facing full size? Most have the built in seatbelts for the newer cars that clip on to the metal loops between the seats. Just need steel loops to bolt in the seat belt bolts.
I got some late model (maybe 80's) retractable belts which are thinner and with a smaller box. Perfect for kids! Got them from Ron Franks here at the site. The boxes actually fit really well behind the lower rear seat and I was able to use the original belt bolts.
I had good success with I was adding a rear roll bar in my CJ7 (nothing to bolt them to originally), and these guys helped me figure out the placement and everything... I opted for the 3 point retractable to use with an infant seat, and my son loves that thing! I would post a pic, but I'm at work, and photobucket is blocked.. I'll be using them to add 3 point retractables in the rear also!
Thanks for all the replies and help! Lots of options to get the family cruising!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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