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saginaw hp rating

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i have a 67 283 with 1.94 heads , th350 and 3.55 gear , i picked up a complete ( flywheel to yok ) rebiuld saginaw 4 speed 3925656 ,no lines ,10 spline , for 200$ , i know nobody likes them , but , i want a stick, my Q is , i think my motor is about 300 hp ,( if you go on googles video and type in 1963 acadian you can see the burn out with line lock 120 ft.) will the saginaw hold up , also can i use a hydraulic throw out bearing instead of using all the linkage.
thanks for any help
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Whats in your 283 that makes you think its 300hp? The sag should be fine up to about 300 ft lbs of tq..
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