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rust repair photo

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added pictures in my photo bucket link made repair tihole in driver rocker panel, not finished with it yet itneeds a little more persuading and grinding and welding then the mud work,by the way I am by no means a body man! So if you think it looks jacked up tell me I am learning and want to do it right
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Take the time to prep it right and now is that time before you paint it
up and it haunts you. Looking at that it will not take long before its
bubbling up on you. Its all in the prep work!:)

Agreed, the whole haunting thing is not to be underestimated, i have had it happen in the past, and what could have took you 30 or 40 minutes to do now, will take days if it comes back to bite ya in the butt...
Its a product by Diamont auto paint dont know the part # but I'll try to get it and post it. The paint guy swears by itfor projects like this that wont see paint for a while to preserve your work.
Diamont is made by RM, which is made by BASF, i think RM has a site with all there products, RM is good stuff, there base is spectacular...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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