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RotoZip Recommendations

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I am picking up my fiberglass hood this upcoming Saturday and am gonna start taking measurements to cut it to fit the blower through it. My friend that has had to do the same thing with his Camaro told me to go buy a RotoZip for this operation. Which one should I use to cut a fiberglass hood? Bits?

For those with fiberglass hoods, where did you guys get the correct hood hinge springs for it?
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Yeah, for fiber glass a body saw works better than a abrasive cutoff wheel. The body saw will make quick work of it, and man, a whole lot less mess and better lines in fiberglass. JR
I have one from Harbor Freight and it has worked wel for several years
The HF unit works just fine, and its very inexpensive. Oh, and a jigsaw like talked about below will work too. I have a really nice Bosch variable speed and with bi-metal blades it eats everything up. The bodysaw is good for tight work where the body of the jigsaw cant get in. JR
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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