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Ridez of the Timez Indoor Show Orlando FL

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2 weeks away from the first indoor car show in Orlando & I could use a few more Novas. IImuchfabrication & prodigy customs are both coming. Anyone out there who has a good looking custom, blown, or stock Nova that wants to show at the Orange County Convention Center on April 17-18 let me know. This is in conjunction with the Europa Show of Champions Sports & Fitness Expo. The scenery & events are sure to quite entertaining. I also have discount tickets for anyone just wanting to attend.
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I'm still hoping to get the car ready. The new motor is going to take at least 2 weeks to get to me. I might be able to just squeeze in, but I dont know. I will keep you updated. Even if I don't get the car up and running, I would like to attend the show.

Not a problem. We'll get together before the show & at least I can give you some tickets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your motor.
The Ridez of the Timez show is this Saturday and I'm still short a few cars. Please forward to all your car buddies in the Central Florida area that have rods, customs, bikes, race cars, etc. Visit for more information. Remember this is an indoor show inconjunction with the Show of Champions bodybuilding & fitness expo.
Check in time is tomorrow 4/16 from 2-8. So far only 2 Novas showing and those aren't mine. Where are all the Novas in Central Florida?
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