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reverse light diagram??

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im sure this has been brought up elsewhere. but i have a three on the tree 1974 nova. the linkage broke in the column and i moved it to the floor. but now the reverse lights wont work. i've looked at diagrams for it and they say its a green wire. but when i looked under the dash there were tons of green wires! i dont know which one to cut and hook a switch to.. pictures would help a lot since i am not very intelligent when it comes to cars.
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Light green and pink should be the color wires. They are located on the column on a semi circular switch next to the two larger purple wires. Pink is 12v ,light green goes to the reverse lights.
so just cut the green wire and hook the switch to it?
Get two 1/4" male terminals, crimp them onto some 18 gauge extension wires. Now locate and take the reverse wire plug off of the column switch and plug in the extension wires into this connector end with the factory wires in it. Now route these two wires to your on/off switch and connect them onto the switch.

By doing so if you forget to turn off the new reverse light switch and then turn off the ignition switch, the reverse lights will go off and it's a clean way to do it to where if you ever do get the factory backdrive linkage you can put everything back the way it should be.

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