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I think I came across a picture of your car with the California plates on it and on a back view of it, it looks like each side has a reverse light lens in the middle with a red lens on each side for the turn signal/brake and running lights.
I would look at it and maybe consider just making new left and right lens with whatever tinted/colored plexiglass they need to be and then to keep from seeing the bulb, cut a section of diffuser plastic to break things up.
I did something like this on my 73 Nova Custom and made my own taillight openings but retained the original taillight housings in the trunk. I just made up new lens. I was not worried about having any backup light so I left them off.

The diffuser type of plastic I used:

For mine I found an old fixture that donated the plastic for what I needed. Who knows there may be a place that sells smaller amounts.

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