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replacement panels

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I have a 67 SS and want to know who makes the best replacement panels, AMD,OER,SHERMAN,GOODMARK,DYNACORN,:confused:ETC? Thanks
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from what i've heard the AMD panels (right now) are the best available other than NOS. :yes:

contact member "Nightshade" for a quote. he can hook you up with any number of brands... he's in Minnesota. :D
^^^ +1 for what he said , I used a AMD panel on my 67 from Nightshade and the fit and lines were better than the good mark i used on the other side . Good luck
im shopping for 1/4's for my 66 post. same part number as quarters for hardtops?
They dont make a repopped 1/4 for a post car , (this I know cause mine is a beloved post car also ):D. With the full replacement panel it does not take long to fit it to your car . Just remove the sail and add a little section to the window area from your old panel and it is good to go. In my album under my sig. there will be some pics of what i am talking about . good luck .:yes:
thank you for being so helpful! im sure i'll be referencing back to your album as i tackle the job.
thanks again
chris gomez
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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