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Remote control fm radios??

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Currently have set of three gauges in place of where radio was..front speaker missing ..antennna wire connection dangling behind dash.
Wondering what the best cheapeast easiest way is to get some tunes in my ride...Suggestions??:confused:
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One way

you could mount the radio in your glove box and add speakers. The old ones were probably toast anyway. There are speaker holes cut in the rear package deck, you can see them from the trunk easily. A pair of 6x9's back there work well. The hard part is running the speaker wires to the back of the car. To do it right you'll need to take the right kick panel off, the sill plate at the door and along the back seat. Pulling the bottom of the back seat will make the last foot easier. Then you get to put it all back together. A couple of foam buckets under the rear speakers, call them speaker covers, help them quite a bit.

Here's what I'm using. I pulled the info from an email from my son.

Sony CDXGT660UP CD Receiver with Pandora Link: head unit $115 on amazon $150 Crutch has front usb input, so it can
control/charge your phone, mp3 player etc, and has all the features you
want. (and a remote)

Front doors speakers Amazon $85, Crutch $120 Same as we put in the
front of Crystals car, independant mid bass, and tweet.

Rear deck speakers amazon $70 crutch $120alpine 6X9's no fluff, bolt
in, great sound.

Amplifier Amazon $170, Crutch $200 New version of crystals, will
power the fronts and the sub, the rears will run off the deck.

Amp intall kit: $21

Subwoofer, without box. Amazon $45, Crutch $70 Good all around 12"
single sub.
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Wow ..

:) Thanks..good information!
Your right about the wires running to rear.
Rear deck has the cutouts and even one speaker still in deck..but no connecting wires to be found!:(
I was even thinking of drilling through trunk running them underneath in a sheathing and popping back up under the dash.
Guess nobody has invented wireless car speakers..yet?
Buy or get any radio that comes with an IR (infrared) remote control and then buy an IR repeater. There will be a reciever eye up front that you point the remote to and then it takes the signal from the remote and transfers it through wires to a transmitter LED that gets placed in front of the radio's IR sensor.

Peripheral Electronics (Stinger Brand) sells a piece under part number PVIRT.

I've used these many times in car systems.

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