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Rearend is 48 inch from drum to drum

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Would I have to do a minitub or move my frame rails if I were to put a rearend like this in that is 48inches from drum to drum in a first generation nova?
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What size tires would you run? What offset wheels will use you?

That will make a difference even if that narrow a rear would clear the frame rails.

Only way to know will be to get the old tape measure out and measure your car.

I would doubt you would be able to go 5" narrower per side and not minitub.
Well if it would work then I would just buy wheels and tires that would fit. I would doubt that it would be able to clear too. So then I guess I need to measure. I was just curious to see if anybody was using a rearend similiar to 48 inches and didn't have to mini tub or had to mini tub.
Your 48" rearend is probably too narrow even for a mini-tub. If you order a rearend from TCI for a mni-tub car it would be 53" from axle flange to axle flange.
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