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Rear Tire Fit Issue

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Here is my situation, I have a 1972 Nova non-tubbed running a MT drag slick jegs part#672-3056R which is a 29.5 x 9.0-15 with 4.88 rear gears. The driver side rubs a little on the inside and the passenger side rubs a little on the outside. My questions is: will a p275/60r15 drag radial tire (28 x 11.5-15) fit? I plan on running two classes at the track so I need dot drag tires.
thanks for the help
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I have 275/60/15 on a 15 x 8 Centerline wheel with 5-1/4 backspacing and a 5/16 spacer on a stock length 12 bolt. Fits with no problem (although I have rolled the outer quarter lips for my 28 x 10.5 slicks to have clearance). I'll post pics tonight if I can.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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