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Rear Leaf Install

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Good afternoon fellow SNS members.
I have '69 Nova in my shop today for rear leaf replacement and I'm having issues with the tires rubbing the fenders.
It originally had the mono leaf spring and I've installed a five leaf spring (Universal Group #21-339-ME) in it's place. I have also mounted a P235/75 R15 Wildcat drag radial in place of the original P235/75R14.
The owner of the car said that this set up is what he used on another Nova he used to own.
Any thoughts and avice would be greatly appreciated.
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The new wheels that you used are they the same in backspace as the 14 inch wheels were? I would check the backspace 1st.
Did you only change the springs?

If so, that's really odd. If you changed the springs and mounted wheels and tires you have not had on the car before, that may not be a spring related issue. Lets start with some questions about where the tire is rubbing. Outside, on the sidewall bulge? At the top, on the tread? Inside against the sidewall bulge? Pictures really help.
Issues with rubbing are usually an issue of wheel backspacing. On my 72, I'm running 28-12r15's on 10" wheels with 6.5" of backspacing. That's a lot wider than you are doing with only minor body clearancing. The shocks are remounted to the inside of the frame and I have disc brakes back there.
If it's the flange at the top of the wheel opening, you can roll that edge carefully and not cut the paint. There are some tools for doing that, however the results I've read here on the post have mixed results. The next area on the outer wheelhouse is really a near vertical that would be cured by changing wheel backspacing.
If you are rubbing on the inside, again, look at the backspacing of the wheel. Less backspacing will move the tire's vertical center out from the spring.
Keep the conversation going, there is a solution. -p-
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I have the wrong springs installed. Somehow parts guy pulled wrong number. I am waiting for replacement springs to arrive. I'll keep you all posted.
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