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Rear-end off set ???

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I have a buddy that just bought a 67. It came with air shocks on the rear and was up in the air quite a bit. We were going to lower it down and noticed that the drivers side tire would hit the quater lip if lowered. However, the other side had about 3/4 clearance... Anyone ever had this problem? We are not sure what is causing it to be that far off center. Frame does not appear to have been hit or bent..
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Mass Manufacturing. Maybe the rear came around once too fast and whacked the curb. Leaf springs right? Im not very familiar with leaf spring rears but they are pretty tight to the axle housing with welded spring perches right? So if they look fine, and the body mounts arent torn I say manufacturing. JR
If anyone has a good solution please let me know too.
Watts link.. Yeah, I made a watts link and havent driven it yet but moved it through all the motions to a max of about five degrees of body roll and it keeps the rear end centered just fine. It better, I only have a 1/2" clearance from the tire to the quarter. Oh, and its a watts link/4-link setup. JR
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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