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Rear-end off set ???

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I have a buddy that just bought a 67. It came with air shocks on the rear and was up in the air quite a bit. We were going to lower it down and noticed that the drivers side tire would hit the quater lip if lowered. However, the other side had about 3/4 clearance... Anyone ever had this problem? We are not sure what is causing it to be that far off center. Frame does not appear to have been hit or bent..
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That was and is a GM production matter. Most Novas with stock rears have that problem.
None of the engineers of that day thought about putting any other wheels and tires on these cars. With the small 14 inch wheels they used it was just fine.
My 67 has the same issues, I can get a 245 on the drivers side with good clearance but only a 225 will fit on the passenger side without rubbing.
Only fix is to move the spring perches.
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