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Rear-end off set ???

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I have a buddy that just bought a 67. It came with air shocks on the rear and was up in the air quite a bit. We were going to lower it down and noticed that the drivers side tire would hit the quater lip if lowered. However, the other side had about 3/4 clearance... Anyone ever had this problem? We are not sure what is causing it to be that far off center. Frame does not appear to have been hit or bent..
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I have run across this problem personally twice. It was very noticeable on my 65 and the driver side quarter lip would rub the tire on a sharp turn and the passenger side had about 3/4 inch of clearance. I just mounted the same wheels on my 64 and its almost the same thing. They both have mone leaf rears. Neither car appeared to have taken a major hit in the quarters or anywhere else. If anyone has a good solution please let me know too. I am eventually going to put in a rear frame kit like the TCI or Heidts but until then it would be great to figure out, Jeff
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