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rear end decoding

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hello i bought a rear end i was trying to figure out exactly what it is the hopefully someone can help me out the numbers are JAG1784
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What rear is it? 8.2", 8.5", 7.5", 12-bolt? We need more info. Also, what's the casting date?

JA = 2.73 open in a 1973-74 Nova or 2.56 open in a 1975 Nova
G = Detroit Gear and Axle assembly plant
178 = assembly date, 178th day of the year (June 27th or June 26th of a leap year)
4 = ???
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I checked your site I can't find a match for mine the 1st two letters don't match anything. I pulled this from a 74 Omega today GB G280 1 it was a 4 door V8 car.

Unfortunately, I don't have Olds codes.
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